Why DOCTORSERVA - Time is money, won't waste your money for waiting Why DOCTORSERVA - Time is money, won't waste your money for waiting
DOCTORSERVA Electronic Medical Records System
The secret technology behind thousands of medical institutions
Three reasons why you should choose DOCTORSERVA:


DOCTORSERVA is FREE to use with unlimited user accounts of real estate properties, parking lots, staffs, owners, tenants, family and friends.


DOCTORSERVA comes together with FREE software modules like Audio & Video Intercom, Visitors Management, Facility Bookings Management, Billing & Invoicing, Meetings Scheduler, Guards-Connected SOS Emergency Panic Button, etc which usually will cost you a lot.


DOCTORSERVA features are expandable by adding smart hardware. The entire system is built from sketch by well-known BigCow Software and it is powered by MSC Status award winning VYROX IoT Technology.

HOMESERVA Smart Series
Powered by AUTOSERVA (The MSC Status Award Winning Technology)

Time Saving

Analyze waiting lines and crowds at multiple clinics and decide on the best option available.

All-in-one Solution

The user can perform all management activities from the App in their devices instead of visiting the clinic every time.


Users can easily update the application and enjoy all the latest features at any time.

Urgent Care Centre Capabilities

The App can search for the nearest option available for urgent medical attention.

Easy Contacts retrieval

The App can provide all the contact information of nearby health center which can be used to conduct businesses such as appointments or emergencies.


GPS enabled directions to navigate you to respective clinics.


Through Pop-Ups or SMS to alert the user about a future appointments or meeting with the doctor/medical personnel.

Biography Tracker

The user only have to register once. The user's profile can be accessed by other clinics, avoiding re-registering.

Treatment/Medication Tracking

Tracking user-treatment records for the future reference as well as having records of patient medication records.

Doctor/Physician Lookup

Search Doctor/Physician profiles and understand the personnel much better before your treatment.

Cost – Saving

Having all the above tasks performed by one single application saves the users a lot of money by reducing travel costs.

Benefits to Clinic

With the information gained from the one-time registration, the clinics can contact and consult patients on medical conditions and treatments.

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