Why DOCTORSERVA - Time is money, won't waste your money for waiting
In 2018, Vyrox International Sdn. Bhd. went an extra step in the fields of Healthcare through the design and developments of Smart Healthcare Management Systems. The idea was initiated in a bid to ease access for every individual in order to access health care services simply through the use of Smartphones and tablets from anywhere in the country.

Prior to this, individuals or patients, had to call in for appointments, deal with huge crowds and queues at clinics which was very time consuming and difficult for them. In case the clinic was completely booked and the individual could not make an appointment, it was costly as he had to come another day. In case the individuals need to check-out of a clinic and sign in into another clinic, the prior facility will most likely not provide the latter with patient information and other health records. Thus, having the patient to go through the registration process again and maybe carrying out certain tests again.

For new individuals or foreigners in the location, it is mostly challenging to find the correct location of the clinic which is most suitable for their treatment. This is because of the fact that some clinics do not have the necessary facilities to treat certain diagnosis and these new-comers usually end up getting disappointed by business-minded clinics.

We intend to overcome these challenges and obstacles through the employment of this software, which is rightly named as DoctorServa.

DoctorServa is a very user-friendly application that helps new patients or patients already under treatment to locate for themselves, the most suitable healthcare facility in the region. It also allows them to read the portfolio of the facility before registering and thus allows them to determine if the clinic has all the facilities that they require and thus enabling them to make the right treatment decisions. Through this application, the individuals will have a much stress-free experience as it will help record the patients’ details and biography and so making it easier in case the patient decides to make any changes to where he wants to continue treatment. The application will also help the patient to overcome the hassle and stress involved in making doctor-appointments and dealing with huge crowds and queues at these medical centers.

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